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About Yousra Magouri

Yousra Magouri is a lifelong learner and leading voice for women empowerment and mentoring in the technology industry. Born and raised in the border city of Bengardene in Tunisia, Yousra’s drive and ambition to pursue her dreams stem from her parents, who helped underscore the value of education as an avenue to success. Yousra earned a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from the Tunisia Tech University in 2007 and specialized in CRM and digital marketing technologies after moving to the United States in 2008. Over her 12+ year career, Yousra has held a variety of roles in web development, digital marketing and data management at organizations such as e-Bay, Microsoft, Expedia. She currently serves as an Associate Principal, Technology Architect at Salesforce. Apart from working at Salesforce, Yousra directs the Open Minds Project — a nonprofit that gives access to best-selling books, e-learning resources, mentorship and career assistance to young adults in Tunisia. Yousra founded the initiative as a way to help young adults in Tunisia unlock career opportunities and facilitate connections amongst the next generation of professionals in the country.


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