There are loads of content on the internet, and a massive amount of videos and posts are added daily. Millions of these contents make it to your feeds every day, and you cannot always be sure about which one to feed your mind on.

What we consume daily matters a…

Phase1: Introduce yourself
My name is Yousra Magouri, born and raised in the border city of Bengardene. I Earned my bachelor in Computer Science in 2007 and specialized in CRM and digital marketing technologies after moving to the US in 2008.
I held different roles at large organizations such as Microsoft…

Yousra Magouri is a lifelong learner and leading voice for women empowerment and mentoring in the technology industry.

Born and raised in the border city of Bengardene in Tunisia, Yousra’s drive and ambition to pursue her dreams stems from her parents, who helped underscore the value of education as an…

The coronavirus has opened our eyes to a whole new world of responsibilities. People are homeschooling their children, caring for elderly parents, managing the anxiety and stress associated with being quarantined with their loved ones all day every day and still trying to deliver at work.

Moms are taking on…

I was born in Bengardene, a small border city in the south of Tunisia. I grew up in a conservative, close-knit community. Everyone knew each other, had similar interests, traditions, and they even shared ambitions. I grew to become fiercely independent and very curious about what lays beyond our bubble.

Our culture has ingrained in us this definition of what success is, and so we have this idea in our minds of a life full of nothing but achievements. Failure is nowhere in that picture. It might as well be a foreign concept.

The reality is that failure is simply…

Yousra Magouri

Salesforce TA, Born and raised in Tunisia. Open minds project founder

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